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Tameka Adebayo, LMSW, QMHP, Certified Life Coach

Tameka is a graduate of the University of Southern California where she received her Master of Social Work with a concentration in Adult Mental Health and Wellness and holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. As a Supervisee in Clinical Social Work, Tameka is deeply committed to serving individuals, families, and couples in their mental health and wellness journey. She has strong counseling abilities, helping clients recognize and identify behavioral patterns, troubling emotions, and thoughts.

Tameka also served 18 years in the United States Army before retiring in 2019 at the rank of First Sergeant (E-8). While in the service she became a Master Resiliency Trainer and worked with the Family Advocacy Program assisting soldiers and family members dealing with neglect and abuse.

Tameka’s specializations include, but is not limited to Motivational Interviewing, Problem Solving Therapy (PST), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Military Sexual Trauma (MST), Family Advocacy, Intimate Partner Violence, Master Resiliency Training (MRT), and Life Coaching.

Going through life from childhood to adulthood comes with its own set of challenges.  Her focus is on helping clients understand where they are and how they got there, so they can focus on the “now what”. The “now what” is something that Tameka strives to help her clients navigate. Through teamwork, she believes anything is possible.

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