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Jamal Claiborne, MSW

Mr. Claiborne received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Virginia State University and a Master's in Social Work from Norfolk State University. 

As a Supervisee in Social Work, Mr. Claiborne worked with several different populations: individual, group therapy, inmates transitioning out of prison, Intensive In-home with children and adolescents who were at risk of out of home placement , family therapy, mental health skill building services and therapeutic day treatment in the community and in the school setting.

Mr. Claiborne embraces a Person-Centered Approach during therapy, because ultimately the therapy experience is about the client, he is simply a guide for clients along this journey. His philosophy of care is centered around a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy framework that recognizes the impact of our core beliefs and thoughts have a major impact on our emotional well-being.

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Mr. Claiborne also embraces a Solution Focused therapy approach that attempts to identify specific goals and identify specific objectives. He believes that being able to identify personal values, thinking patterns, and behavioral patterns- then making necessary changes are the keys along the path to emotional wellness.


Everyday stressors can cause difficulties for everyone, but he finds it important to understand the impact on clients as an individual. Mr.Claiborne is looking forward to utilizing his skills and expertise to assist you with moving forward and reaching your goals. 

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